Zapata's Minority Scholarship

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

The time for change is now! I've been putting this idea off for too long and I don't want to be a bystander in my own life. I want to help where I can, while I can! Here’s how I came up with this idea in the first place.

Growing up I heard stories of my very wealthy and educated great uncle who lived in Coyoacán which is a neighborhood in Mexico City. This barrio is most known for being the home of Frida Kahlo who is an extremely influential Mexican artist and public figure to this day. During those days Coyoacán was for Mexico’s most influential. My great uncle Louis Flamenco was a Doctor that opened up his services for anyone to come and see him. He owned his own practice and studied in France to become a doctor. Originally, he wanted to pursue a life of priesthood but during these times politicians were persecuting priests in Mexico due to a revolutionary leader named Venustiano Carranza as told to me by my grandpapa.

This man was very inspiring to me yet I never met him. His life story has made its way into my life in my current day and I will continue to share and tell him story forever in hopes that more people will gain inspiration from his deeds.

My great uncle has no kids of his own. He would go to local schools and ask them for their poorest but most academically excelling students. This is unheard of in our days. Imagine someone coming to your child/nephew/cousin’s school and asking to talk to them. Nowadays the cops would be called and the person asking for them would be persecuted and barred from the school. What he would do next was amazing.

After making contact with the student he would tell them that he would send them to school and pay their way through their pursuit to obtain a higher education. Apparently, he was a very strict man and held these kids to high standards but the discipline payed off for many of them because when he died his funeral was not empty.

My grandpapa told me that when my great uncle passed away there were lots of people at his funeral, people my grandpapa had never seen before. After a little digging he discovered that they were lawyers, doctors and many other influential and successful people some of which Louis had sent to school in their earlier years.

This is why I’m inspired to give $5 for every coffee sale that I make because I believe that this will make the world a better place. We need more people in the world like my great uncle and other inspiring figures like him!

My scholarship is open to any recent high school graduates that will be attending college in Fall 2020. The application is open to any current college students that will be attending school Fall 2020. I encourage you to apply or to tell your family/friends about this opportunity!