My Name is Robert Zapata

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

My name is Robert Zapata and I am a Mestizo/Chicano coffee roaster from Azusa, California.

My passion for coffee is fueled not by my love for coffee but by my love for people. I deeply enjoy morning coffee talks especially when those talks give me wisdom or a better understanding of life. Coffee brings people together and it gives people life! This is why I LOVE coffee.

My passion for people began way before I was able to drink coffee. I have always had intentions to help anyone I can and I know that you and I can do that through coffee. I have been involved with my local church's homeless outreach by donating coffee and organizing haircuts.

I don't sell coffee for anything less than a cause I believe in. All of my coffee is roasted and sold for a cause I want to see change in! I donate $5 for every bag purchased and I guarantee that I donate the money I promise to donate.

If you believe in what I believe in then buy some coffee or follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and help me spread the word about what I’m doing here! If you would like to know more about me then keep reading but if you're done then please check out my products or give me a shout out.

After High School I went to Mt. San Antonio College to study Aviation Maintenance. I really enjoyed learning everything this broad career field had to offer me. We learned basic skills ranging from wood working and electric troubleshooting to welding and composites. During these times I was a full time student with no car and a weekend job and I vividly remember how stressful it was to have very little money for food or school supplies. I got by on financial aid and scholarships. I gained my appreciation for scholarships and the art of writing them through trial and error. There seemed to be a science behind them and, like most people, I began my very first scholarship application by pouring my heart out with my fingertips hoping my reader would feel me through his/her bright cold screen. That wasn’t really the case. My very first scholarship was awarded to me after all others were selected so pretty much as a last resort selection. I was happy but not satisfied. After researching and studying the art of writing a scholarship for months I submitted my second wave of applications. The second attempt was more promising. I won 3 scholarships and gained a lot of self-gratification which is priceless. You will win and lose through out your life and the weight of each victory or defeat should not stop you from continuing to pursue the target you have in sight. Persevere always.

I began Zapata’s Scholarship Coffee for a multitude of reasons. One being that I rememeber the stress that being a student can bring into a young person’s heart and mind. I met so many people in debt ready to do crazy things for $100. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking about selling your blood or semen please don’t do it, I mean do what you want but you know… Don’t. I understand so I want to give back and even if the applicants don’t win, I want to share my experiences with them to help them through their educational journey.

I began to sell coffee in 2018 from my brother