El Charrito in Salinas, CA

I went up North for a week and stopped by Salinas to grab some food. Salinas is a town South of the Bay and is known for having a large Latino population so one can assume they should have some pretty good food. I googled "Best Mexican food in Salinas" and skimmed through the list and found El Charrito. They had a lot of good reviews and the pictures looked really good so we stopped by to grab some.

There were two lines to get in. One was for take out orders placed over the phone or on their app and the other was for in store orders. If you do go download their app for 20% off your first online order! The wait wasn't awful but don't plan on walking in and out of this place because you will be waiting for about 15-20 minutes easily. I got a carne asada burrito with their spicy salsa and a barbacoa burrito with guac. They were simple but delicious and hit a nostalgic place in my heart. The flour tortillas were delicious, soft and didn't get hard to fall apart and the burritos had enough beans and rice to match the meat and salsa. I hate getting burritos from places and the burrito is stuffed with beans and rice with no meat or other ingredients. This spot gives fair portions for their burritos.

In regards to the size, the burritos were not enormous so be prepared to purchase at least 2-3 burritos for a full grown adult with a glutenous appetite. This should't be a huge issue because price wise, each burrito is only around $4-$5 each after taxes. We bought around 4 burritos and a few drinks for about $25. The price was fair and the taste was excellent.

Definitely a recommended spot for anyone that's up in the Bay Area. Don't be afraid of the spice salsa because it is not that bad. The staff is helpful and friendly and they speak both Spanish and English. They had a large selection of drinks to choose from and also had some chips and snacks for you to choose from to go with your meal. I don't see the barbacoa on their online menu so hopefully they have it if you ever find your way there! The only thing I wish they did was cook some of the meat fresh in front of you. The meat, for example the Carne Asada, is not cooked per order and overall its a grab and go cafeteria style restaurant so most items are sitting in stainless steal containers. Its extremely clean and the ingredients taste and look fresh but I still prefer items cooked per order. This is actually why I leaned toward barbacoa because this is similar to a European, Jewish or American roast and if you're familiar with roasts then you would know they take a long time to cook and the longer they cook or sit in their heat the better they taste. Also, I prefer barbacoa over pot roast any day. Overall I think this place is an easy 8 out of 10 and I definitely recommend it.

Heres a link to their menu on their website Best Burrito in Salinas

Barbacoa burrito with guac from El Charrito in Salinas, California which is the best Burrito in Salinas
Barbacoa burrito with guac from El Charrito in Salinas, California

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